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There is a notable difference between Chesterfield Landscapes and your average landscaping company; we are methodical in everything we do. Your journey with us will begin with our digital garden design service because planning is the most critical part of the project. When a landscape gardener in Chesterfield commences work on your project, there will be a detailed master plan with all the information required to install your new garden smoothly. Transforming your garden is a considerable investment in your property and lifestyle; your chosen design should unlock your garden’s potential, and together we will make that happen. If you would like to redesign your garden, you can request an initial consultation with one of our Chesterfield landscape gardeners.





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We are designing your garden; to achieve the best result, we want you involved throughout the process. Our Chesterfield garden designer will liaise with you when preparing your digital design to ensure that they create the perfect plan to suit your requirements and budget. Request an initial consultation.

Why choose us?

We are Chesterfield Landscapes; a tech-driven company focused on producing unbeatable gardens. Our highly skilled landscape gardeners in Chesterfield use the latest technology to deliver exceptional work. From the latest motion-based measuring tool to the best-in-class rendering software, we equip our people with the resources they need to produce the best outcome possible. It’s not just down to technology; here at Chesterfield Landscapes, we understand the importance of communication. Our processes are thoughtfully structured to keep you updated throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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Attempting to undertake a complete garden transformation without a master plan is a recipe for disaster. Protect yourself with our digital garden design service. This process lets you see a lifelike, three-dimensional presentation of what your new garden will look like once complete, alongside a detailed master plan. Unfortunately, we regularly meet customers who have fallen foul of a poorly executed project; make sure this isn't you by getting a plan for your project.

Designing better gardens

Crafting the ideal design to suit your unique requirements and the available budget is a challenge. Luckily for you, our Chesterfield landscape gardeners have perfected the process with our digital garden design service.

We specialise in the creation of all different styles of garden, and whether you want a traditional or contemporary design, we are equipped to assist.

Have a plan before you start

“A properly-designed garden should offer a physical, visual and sensory journey. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean we won’t do it; our Chesterfield landscape gardeners are always up for a challenge! Here at Chesterfield Landscapes, we want to create remarkable gardens; with our design-driven approach to landscaping, we will always push the boundaries of what is achievable.”

– Neil Doherty

Our Portfolio

Designing a customer’s ideal garden is challenging as everyone is different. What is perfect for one person may be inadequate for another. It is a personal process; the design has to be right for you. When planning your garden, we must consider many factors, including your specific needs and budget. That is why we designed our processes with communication embedded at every stage. Speaking to you throughout the process allows our landscape gardeners in Wakefield to craft the perfect design for your garden. Are you looking to overhaul your garden? Not sure where to start? Our portfolio highlights some of the projects we have designed and facilitated, and we hope this offers you inspiration for your project. Discuss your project with a Chesterfield landscaper.


We take your trust in us seriously. From your initial consultation to the end of your project, our landscape gardeners in Chesterfield will do all they can for you.

Our aim is always to provide exceptional service whilst giving you everything you need to secure the garden of your dreams. We promise to be open, honest and transparent throughout your relationship with us, always offering impartial advice about the best way forward. When you trust us with your garden, our Wakefield landscape gardeners will go above and beyond to deliver.

"From the off, we were given ideas about what we could achieve with the space, and we decided that paying for the design service was worth the initial outlay. Each meeting we had to go over the design was extremely helpful. What we thought we wanted was not actually what we needed to get the best out of the space and our budget."



Landscaping is an exciting industry where there is always something new to keep up to date with, whether that’s a new product to market or the latest trend taking the industry by storm. When researching ahead of a garden transformation, you will want to read a wide variety of sources to determine the style of garden you want to achieve. You should consider the materials you want to feature in your design and factor your budget into the equation. In our articles, you will find the latest updates from within the industry and insights from our landscape gardeners in Chesterfield that may help you make informed decisions about your upcoming project.

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