Are you looking for a low-maintenance garden? Everyone wants a beautiful garden to relax in; however, in this day and age, who has time for constant upkeep? Do you work long hours and wish to return home to a beautiful space? Designing a garden that suits your lifestyle will drastically improve the quality of your life. Instead of spending your weekends gardening and getting rid of weeds, you could relax without any dreaded tasks.

When designing a low-maintenance garden, you need to consider which aspects of your garden give you the most work. Is weeding your biggest time-waster? Or do you constantly find yourself jet-washing your paving? We have a solution for whatever part of your garden keeps you tirelessly at work! At Chesterfield landscapes, we recommend the following ten design ideas for a low-maintenance garden.

Choose porcelain paving

Choosing the right paving is crucial to a low-maintenance garden design. Some types of paving require more maintenance to keep them looking clean and new. One of the best paving options for a low-maintenance garden is porcelain paving.

Porcelain paving is a man-made paving option that continuously grows in popularity. It is a non-porous material meaning that no liquid or stain can penetrate the surface of the tiles. For this reason, porcelain paving is incredibly easy to clean; simply take a wet mop and run it across the top like you would your kitchen floor. Other types of paving would require a jet wash and perhaps some treatments to look new again. An additional benefit to a non-porous material is that the tiles will not become icy in the winter months. Freeze-thaw weathering does not impact porcelain paving, which means it will last longer than traditional options.

Create a wild-flower meadow

Creating a wild-flower meadow means having beautiful flowers in your garden without needing to maintain them regularly. Every garden design is unique; however, it will be hard to find a garden where a wild-flower meadow does not look beautiful. Sometimes, when trying to create a low-maintenance garden, we make a flat design with not a lot to it. However, you can still have a fun garden without hassle. Consider sectioning off a part of your garden and allowing it to be wild.

Choose low-maintenance plants

The biggest upkeep in any garden design is tending to your plants. For this reason, if you are looking for a low-maintenance garden, you must choose plants that require little to no upkeep. A flower that takes little work to maintain is a 'hardy geranium'. At the end of their first flush of flowers, cut them back to the ground so that they produce more flowers the following summer; this is about as much maintenance required. Hardy geraniums do not have many predators; rabbits, slugs and snails do not target them, so you don't have to worry too much about them being eaten.

Another option to include flowers in your garden design that requires low-maintenance is to keep your flowers in pots. Your plants are then contained in boxed-in areas, so you don't need to worry so much about pruning them and keeping them in shape. An added benefit to potted plants is that you can spruce up your garden design anytime if you get bored of where you've placed them.

Artificial grass

When people think of a low-maintenance garden, their first thought is most likely to ditch living components for artificial ones. Switching to artificial grass can save you hours and hours each year mowing a lawn. Years ago, when artificial grass first came onto the market, it was often criticised for looking too fake or too 'green'. However, artificial grass now comes in many shades and sizes, so there are plenty of choices.

Use an automatic sprinkler

For some people, regularly watering a lawn can be tiresome and boring. If you're not careful in the summer heat, your grass can burn and die to a yellow colour. Not everyone will mind their grass dying as it is usually temporary and simply needs some rainfall; however, some people like to keep up the appearance of their garden all year round. Rather than watering your garden daily, you can invest in an automatic sprinkler that regularly waters your lawn and plants.

Garden irrigation systems come in various styles. Some sit in your flower beds permanently unnoticed, whereas others you can attach to the end of your hose pipe during a heatwave and lay in the middle of your space. Depending on how much money you would like to spend and how many plants you need to water, you may need to connect the irrigation system to your main water supply. However, life in Chesterfield is rarely without rain, so you may never need to worry about purchasing an automatic sprinkler.

Include ground covering geotextiles

When landscaping your garden, you must use ground covering geotextiles for the ultimate low-maintenance garden. Geotextiles are permeable fabrics that sit below your topsoil and act as an effective barrier preventing weeds from reaching the surface. Usually made from polypropylene or polyester, almost all landscapers in Chesterfield use them. The material allows all nutrients your soil needs to seep through whilst preventing weeds.

Another solution to preventing weeds from seeing daylight is to spread bark or mulch around your plants. As opposed to geotextiles, bark, mulch, and gravel are more environmentally friendly. If you do not like the look of mulch, you can also use gravel to inhibit weed growth. However, the stones will need to be of a certain depth to block out any sunlight the weeds need to grow. Weeding is one of the most gruelly tasks for anyone with a garden, so including geotextiles or mulch into your garden design is essential for a low-maintenance garden.

Swap flower beds for shrubs

Designing a low-maintenance garden does not mean you have to avoid anything living. Instead, you have to be particular about what you plant. For example, flowers require much more work to keep alive and healthy than hedges and shrubs. Shrubs will add height and texture to your design and can also double up as a boundary to your property. Evergreen shrubs such as heather, daphne, euonymus and holly look good all year round.

Consider a rockery

What words come to mind when you think of a beautiful garden design? Neat? Tidy? Sometimes a little bit of organised chaos looks excellent in your garden, and if you're looking for a low-maintenance garden, a great option is to leave an area to become disordered. Consider including a rockery area in your garden design that does not need to be neat and tidy. A few toughs of grass, and a couple of weeds, can give a rockery a bit of texture and character. Therefore if you're looking for low-maintenance, create an area you don't have to maintain to look good.

Create colour without flowers

A misconception about a low-maintenance garden is that it will look colourless and dull. Avoiding extravagant flowers and plants does not mean you can't bring some fun into your garden design via other means. Although a monochrome of greys, blacks, and white is the easiest design choice, adding a palette of colour into your garden can brighten the place up, even on the most overcast days in Chesterfield. Do you have a garden shed? Consider painting it a bright colour. Purchase bright coloured furniture, or repaint the decking in the corner to spruce up your landscape. Minor changes to your garden design can make a big difference.

We hope we have helped you to design a low-maintenance garden for yourself. From mowing a lawn to pruning your plants, a little help goes a long way. If you are still struggling to reduce the upkeep of your property, consider hiring a landscaper in Chesterfield to help with regular maintenance. Alternatively, if you want help designing a low-maintenance garden, our garden designers in Chesterfield are more than happy to help

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