Advantages of composite decking

Adding decking to your garden is a great way to use your outdoor space, making your area more aesthetically pleasing with different materials and textures. There is a wide variety of decking, so deciding what material to go for can be challenging.

Historically, wood decking has been the number one choice, but more and more people are seeing the benefits of composite decking as an alternative to wood. With the popularity of composite decking rising rapidly, it is fast becoming one of the top choices of decking materials.

While wood is excellent and still comes with its advantages, it is hard to argue with the many benefits composite decking brings to the table. Our Chesterfield landscape gardeners have seen the increase in demand for composite decking and have put together an overview of why composite decking should feature in your garden!

Composite Decking Advantages

Low-maintenance option

Composite decking is an artificial material consisting of wood fibre, plastic and a small number of bonding agents. Due to it being a manufactured material, you have a range of colour options and finishes to choose from, making it easy to match your garden’s colour scheme and aesthetic. If you want a more traditional finish, the natural woodgrain effect may be the best choice; however, ribbed, grooved, or industrial-inspired slate options are also available. The choices are endless, and the best thing is that no matter your choice, the colour won’t fade over time! No touch-ups or fresh coats of paint are required!

Whilst staining and painting your wooden decking in different colours does come with a degree of flexibility, it does require more maintenance in the long run. Wood decking requires a deep scrub every two years, sealing every three years, and sanding. The only care that composite decking requires is the occasional jet or soap-and-water wash to keep it looking shiny and new. It’s a complete no-fuss option for those who want their garden to look astonishing without lifting a finger. It is also an excellent option for someone with little time to maintain their garden.

If you are interested in reading all the other ways you can make your garden as low-maintenance as possible, we have brainstormed all the best design ideas for this in another post which you can read here!

Composite decking has a long lifespan

Building decking of any kind can be a costly job. During its lifetime, your deck will have to withstand the weight of multiple people, garden furniture and family pets. Choosing a material that will stand the test of time is essential to getting the most out of your money. With its superior strength and durability against wear and tear, our Chesterfield landscape gardeners recommend composite decking to those who regularly enjoy family gatherings.

The plastic contents of the composite decking boards make the material resistant to damp and rot, which means it has a longer lifespan than if you chose wooden decking. Of course, composite decking isn’t indestructible and does require a level of care; however, you can expect your composite decking to last a minimum of 25 years if installed correctly.

Composite decking: The eco-friendly option for you

It is important to be aware of the type of products you are buying and paying for, for your outdoor space, especially if you are using them in large quantities. Our landscape gardeners in Chesterfield try to be as environmentally conscious as possible when working with different materials to create the garden of your dreams.

As composite decking is a man-made material constructed from 99% recycled materials, it does not contribute to the destruction of thousands of trees or even complete deforestation. Many components of composite decking boards are made from consumer and industrial waste, such as plastic milk bottles and shopping bags, which usually end in massive landfills.

Composite decking does not require regular sealant or staining, unlike timber decking. Therefore you will not need to use toxic or hazardous substances to maintain your decking, minimising the overall impact your decking has on the environment.

Safety first; composite decking for the win!

Accessible garden

Decking shouldn’t just be built to last; it should also be made to be safe. Our Chesterfield garden designers constantly strive to create a space that the whole family can safely enjoy, so they will ensure you consider all safety aspects before choosing your decking option. The last thing you want is to get injured in your own garden.

We all know how painful it can be to get a splinter, especially for little children. Splinters are almost unavoidable with wooden decking, as the material absorbs water over time, expands it and dries it out again. This process makes the timber crack and splinter with age, making it dangerous, especially for little feet and paws. However, composite decking allows you and your family to walk barefoot without worrying as it does not splinter like wood. Composite decking is far safer when installed correctly than traditional timber decking, but not just because it doesn’t warp or crack.

Generally, there is no risk of nails or screws becoming loose and sticking out, as composite decking boards are seamless without exposed installation fixtures. Additionally, they don’t absorb water like timber, making the boards less slippery. Decks become even more unsafe due to algae growth which is most common on wooden and organic surfaces and therefore not an issue for the synthetic composite material. Ultimately, composite decking is a safer option - especially if you suffer from mobility issues. If accessibility is a concern for you, there are many ways in which you can design a garden best suited for you - read all about them in our recent article!

Overall, the increase in the popularity of composite decking is a testament to its superiority over traditional timber decking. Composite decking provides more value for your money, is a lot safer, and comes in a wide variety of colours. However, if you are still considering whether composite decking is the right choice for you, contact our landscaper gardeners in Chesterfield, who are always happy to help! Alternatively, if you are still weighing up the benefits of choosing decking over paving, why not read our article about the 4 benefits of porcelain paving?

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