Landscaping with a difference

Everything we do is on the basis of quality; a garden installed with integrity will withstand any test of time. As a company, we strive for perfection in all we do. Chesterfield Landscapes is part of the Vita Landscapes family, an ambitious organisation established to transform gardens across the UK.

Years of Experience

We use our knowledge and experience in designing unique gardens to ensure that everything we create is of top-notch quality; we wouldn’t put our name to it otherwise.

Gardens Designed

Every garden is unique, whereas our approach to problem-solving is universal. Give us a challenge, and we will face it head-on, finding the right solution for your garden.

Team Members

Finding the right talent to take a company forward is always one of the biggest challenges; here at Chesterfield Landscapes, we have a team with a breadth of experience in the industry.





Have you got a landscaping project you would like to discuss?

If you dive into a landscaping project without a coherent plan, you will almost definitely encounter an issue somewhere along the line. Chesterfield Landscapes pre-plans every project through our digital garden design service to avoid problems and deliver a smooth project lifecycle.

Free Digital Consultation

We provide an initial exploration call to discuss the scope of your project and assess if we are a suitable firm to assist you. During your conversation, one of our Chesterfield garden designers will walk you through the process, and if you agree, we will schedule an on-site visit to get your project started.

Initial Site Visit

Your landscape makeover begins with the initial site inspection. One of our Chesterfield landscape gardeners will visit you on-site to discuss your project in further detail. We carefully measure your garden using the newest Moasure technology, guaranteeing that your digital garden design is consistent throughout.

Digital Design

Your dream garden design will be created in collaboration with your Chesterfield garden designer. A questionnaire is the first step in this procedure. The designer will then create an initial concept design and return it to you once it is ready. The concept is usually quite close, and we'll work with you to improve it.

Who are we?

Chesterfield Landscapes is not your typical landscaping business; we are a design-driven company that supports the construction of the custom garden designs that we produce. When you choose us, you choose a well-thought-out procedure designed to produce your ideal landscape. Many landscaping businesses will quote without a logical design; we meet many people who have fallen victim to this, which is why we approach landscaping differently - your satisfaction is at the heart of what we do.

Chesterfield Landscapes was founded in 2020 and is part of the Vita Landscapes family of landscaping companies. Vita is an organisation that aims to change gardens around the United Kingdom for the better. Our Chesterfield landscape gardener team has the talent, experience, and facilities through Vita Landscapes to produce landscapes of unrivalled excellence. This is landscaping with a difference; look no further than Chesterfield Landscapes.

How does it work?

The secret to every successful landscaping job is effective communication. The Chesterfield Landscapes team has built its operations around communication as a result. We will keep you informed of the progress of your project at every stage of your relationship with us.

Almost all of the projects we accept as a design-driven landscaping firm starts with our digital garden design service, where you will collaborate with a qualified garden designer to develop the ideal design for your garden. Your experience with us will begin with an initial phone consultation and, if necessary, an on-site appointment, during which our Chesterfield landscape gardener will evaluate your needs and suggest the most appropriate solution. Until you have the ideal design, you will regularly contact your Chesterfield-based landscaper during the design phase.

When your design is finished and you are ready to go forward, we will send your master plan to our panel of landscape gardeners in Chesterfield for pricing; once we have a price, we will provide it to you for consideration. We will schedule your job with the landscapers if you obtain an acceptable quote.

Initiate your project. Let's get started...

You have found us, and now it is time to get the ball rolling with your project. Chesterfield Landscapes tackle any landscaping challenge head-on, and we would love to discuss your project’s scope. When you complete the form below, a landscape gardener in Chesterfield will reach out to you promptly to arrange an initial appointment; this is where your garden transformation begins.