Why you should get your garden designed!

Why should I get my garden designed?

Are you planning to revamp your garden and start your journey to a brand new outdoor living space? Are you currently researching different designs and looking online for inspiration? There are many benefits to landscaping your garden however if you are planning to landscape your garden - you must make sure you do it right.

Before you take any generic garden ideas from Instagram and Pinterest and end up with a garden like everyone else, let us tell you about our garden designers in Chesterfield. They have a lot of experience creating high-end 3D garden designs that are entirely bespoke and will make all of your neighbours jealous. However, that is not the only reason you should hire an expert garden designer! Here are some more reasons why getting your garden designed should be your next move!

They create a garden design master plan as your insurance policy

With any project, preparation is always an important part. You wouldn't put together a piece of furniture without reading the instructions first; if you did, you would most likely run into problems along the way. The same principle goes for your garden. You need to know precisely what you want your garden to look like and what the end product should be.

Choosing your garden design is a tough decision as there are many options. You need to decide what theme and style you would like. Should the garden be contemporary? Or do you prefer a Mediterranean or Traditional English look? Would you like a split-level garden with various designated areas or one flat space? Maybe you would like an outdoor kitchen area or an ample space to grow fruit and vegetables?

Our garden designers in Chesterfield understand how overwhelming it can be to make these decisions. The good thing is that you are not alone, and we have professionals with much experience to guide you. They can offer you inspiration and advice and create a bespoke 3D design of your garden, so you don't have to worry about it! All you have to tell them is what your dream garden would entail, and they will bring it to life.

That design will then be the blueprint for when the project starts. By carefully designing and planning your garden, you know what you are getting before you commit to spending any of your hard-earned money.

The great thing about the design is that it is in place as an insurance policy. You can compare the end product to the design to ensure you have received exactly what you paid for and are delighted with it. If you didn't have the plan and weren't happy with your garden, it would be hard to dispute it once the project is finished. Our Chesterfield landscape gardeners suggest a garden design before starting any landscaping project to protect you and your budget.

Garden Design

Thought-out designs protect budgets and your bank account

As part of the service, our garden designer in Chesterfield creates a list of materials online that will be required to calculate the material costs. This list very quickly sets the total price for the project and avoids costs spiralling out of control. Unfortunately, this is not the case when you do not have a garden design or list of all materials. Miscalculations are easily made, especially if there is no set plan and unexpected material costs. Not thinking ahead and establishing a budget can leave you with an unfinished garden, as you can fall into the trap of over-allocating funding in the wrong areas, leaving you short in others.

Our landscape designers in Chesterfield take great pride in their work and would hate to see you left with a half-finished garden. Therefore, it is best to get a garden design that will show you precisely what you will get, what it will cost or how to set a budget and avoid impulse buying during your project.

Fully qualified designers with years of industry experience and specialist knowledge

When our Chesterfield garden designer starts the process of creating your design, they will always ask you what your budget is and assure they stay within this by planning designs and using materials they know will fall within your budget.
They will always try to accommodate as many wishes as possible while remaining realistic. For example, if you plan on adding a water feature to your garden in a few years, but our Chesterfield garden designer believes it can be added to the design and remain within the budget, they will make you aware of this. They will always ensure you get the most for the money you are spending and that you are pleased with the design.
The goal is to create a garden that ticks all the boxes, is within the budget and is future-proof so you can enjoy your garden for many years to come and don't feel like you have to worry about a new garden project every year. Contact us today to start the process if you want to hear more about our Chesterfield garden design service and get your bespoke garden plan.

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