Digital Garden Designs

Building a garden without an appropriate plan is like building a house on sand. When you spend your money on a landscaping project, you want your new garden to last for as long as possible. If you get the early stages of the project right, you can massively increase the longevity of your landscape. Here at Chesterfield Landscapes, we offer a digital garden design service, a process where you can see your new garden before you commission its installation. As part of the service, we provide a detailed master plan for the project that any landscaping company can follow, with accompanying three-dimensional images of what the project will look like when complete. It is the ultimate safety net; if you buy a piece of furniture that does not look like the photos, you will want a resolution; whoever installs your garden will see what it is supposed to look like before a shovel hits the ground.


If you have used our digital garden design service, we will have provided you with a comprehensive master plan for your garden project. As part of our service, we will give you a quotation for the work based on the design created. When our garden designer has finished with your plan, he will pass it through to our panel of highly qualified Chesterfield landscape gardeners to price. Once we have the prices back, we will provide you with the quote(s), and if they are acceptable to you, we will get the project booked in with the landscapers. Even better still, the Chesterfield garden designer who created your digital garden design will be on hand throughout the installation to offer the landscapers any support they need with the project.


Your driveway is the first feature of your property that anyone will see when they visit. Even though a driveway is there to provide a function as a usable entrance to your property and, more often than not, a place to park your vehicle, it can make a statement too. If you want your property to stand out from the other houses on your street, you will be excited to know that dozens of different driveway styles are available. Here at Chesterfield Landscapes, we particularly like resin-bound driveways as they are incredibly durable and functional in various colours. Still, you can choose between tarmac with or without a border, tegular paving, Indian stone, porcelain tiles and many more. Are you unsure which type of driveway would be suitable for your property? Discuss your options with one of our knowledgeable Chesterfield landscape gardeners.


Increasing biodiversity in the gardens we design is essential to the team at Chesterfield Landscapes. More and more companies are shifting away from biodiverse designs and are promoting the installation of artificial grass and other non-living products; this is part of a transition to an ultra-modern design aesthetic, where we see very little in the way of planting. Whilst we create modern garden designs, we always try to incorporate a planting scheme in a garden design wherever possible, and of course, at the customer's discretion. The plants that you choose to feature in your design may well be the feature that completes the appearance of the project.

A garden should be a journey

"From the off, we were given ideas about what we could achieve with the space, and we decided that paying for the design service was worth the initial outlay. Each meeting we had to go over the design was extremely helpful. What we thought we wanted was not actually what we needed to get the best out of the space and our budget."


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