The great thing about designing a garden is that the options are endless, and each design is unique to another. Every garden space is different, and its purpose differs from person to person and family to family. Some may want a simple space to enjoy evening meals without much decor and maintenance. In contrast, others might want a very exquisite garden design with water features and an outdoor kitchen bar area or jacuzzi.

Our garden designers in Chesterfield make the most out of the outdoor space they are given and develop a plan that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. It is not uncommon that they will come up with a multi-levelled design, especially when working with a property on uneven ground or a slope, to completely utilise the space.

Flat gardens might look easier to maintain, especially regarding lawn cutting, but bringing depth into your garden through a multi-levelled design can make an immense visual impact. And as our landscape gardeners in Chesterfield like to say, "a garden should be a journey," so a split-level design could be the visual and sensual journey that your space needs.

A tiered garden must have a minimum of one level to be classed as one and can take many forms, shapes and sizes. Here are some reasons from our Chesterfield garden design expert why you should consider a multi-level design for your garden.

split-level garden

Use split-level designs to create dedicated outdoor spaces

When architects design a house, they plan rooms with a specific purpose for each space in mind. However, this often gets overlooked when designing a garden. Gardens are commonly seen as just one space, but you can make more out of your area if you treat it as a series of different 'rooms'. Are you unsure how this would look? Our Chesterfield landscape gardeners can have a consultation with you before they start the design process. You tell them what you want to use your garden for, and they devise a design that utilises each garden zone to its total capacity.

Each 'room' has a dedicated garden area to suit its purpose. There may be a separate space for outdoor cooking consisting of an outdoor kitchen, pizza oven or other equipment and dining area. The entertainment area may have various seating options, cushions and decorations for a relaxed ambience. In contrast, the kid's play zone would include outdoor games and equipment such as trampolines but exclude things such as delicate flowers or ornaments.

Rather than having one open space that can seem overcrowded and unorganised, you may want to consider a split-level garden design. Not only will this bring organisation into your back garden, but it will also let you use it to its maximum capacity.

Splitting your garden into multiple levels creates physical and visual space between areas. And let's be honest, trampolines, slides and other toys can be eyesores. Having them in a dedicated space means other family members and visitors can freely use the rest of the garden for other purposes. The children will enjoy their own "adult-free" area whilst the areas for relaxation and entertainment are not encroached by the play area. Adults can easily supervise the children from every part of the garden, and your garden won't feel like an IKEA Småland.

Maybe you do want your garden to be a more fun experience for your family. In which case, why not use the sloping nature of your garden to your advantage? Turn your slope into a slide and split the remaining garden into levels to make steps leading up to the slide. When dividing your garden into various levels, the possibilities for its uses and designs are endless.

Whatever your heart desires, our Chesterfield landscape gardeners will create a suitable plan for you. It may sound like a difficult task to incorporate every wish and use into one garden, especially if there are multiple family members with different needs; however, our experienced Chesterfield garden designers are up for any challenge. They can come up with a bespoke split-level design to suit any circumstances.

split-level garden designs

Protect delicate flowers with a levelled garden design

A flat garden isn't always the answer. Severe slopes make it hard to grow anything, especially if you are trying to arrange and nurture a beautiful display of flowers. Our Chesterfield landscape garden designers have experience working with various gardens and plants and understand what it takes to make a garden work. Splitting your garden into levels provides platforms for beds, making it easier to add an array of plants and flowers to your garden and giving them the best foundation to grow.

Additionally, certain flowers are more delicate than others, so you may want to keep them away from areas with heavy foot traffic or eagle-eyed children or pets. Having a multi-level designed garden gives you this option without looking evident that you are trying to protect your plants. You can keep your precious flowers or ornaments away from entertainment designated areas while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. A complete win-win situation!

Chesterfield landscape gardeners creating your dream garden

We have established that split-level gardens can have many benefits; the different levels can create garden rooms, protect delicate flower arrangements or ornaments, and generally be more organised and well thought out than a flat garden. Overall they open up a world of design options you may not have had if you had one flat, open space making it easier to create a unique finish.

So, if you have a sloping garden, don't see it as a negative thing. See it as an opportunity to create something remarkable and one of a kind. Use this opportunity and let our Chesterfield garden designers create a split-level master plan for your space. Get in touch for a consultation, tell us what your dream garden would look like, and we will start the process of your garden transformation.

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